Prior to owning TRUE Self Consulting, I was a Social Services Director in a Nursing home. My role consisted strongly in monitoring and tracking of psychotic and antipsychotic medications for all residents admitted into the facility whether long or short term. I learned more about medications, the side effects, how frequently prescribed they are, and long-lasting damage of them than I could have imagined. I made it my mission to work to decrease the medications they were on, and work hard to discover non pharmaceutical interventions. 


I was seeing a Chiropractor during my time of research and discovery and talked with him frequently about working with the residents on ways to reduce depression and anxiety. At some point throughout these conversations of changing how our community views senior citizens, health, wellness and overall good care; he offered me a job! The position was a marketing role. I never considered myself a marketing representative, and truly didn’t care for marketing much. I turned him down…2 different times!

I talked to my husband about his persistence in this role for me and to my surprise, my husband agreed with me taking the position. He said, “Sara, imagine if you could get on the other side of all this. Imagine being able to talk directly to seniors and everyone in the community for that matter; about chiropractic and what it could do for them! Imagine if they never had to go to a Nursing Home to live because their nervous system functioned so well it could maintain itself longer at home!” These words completely shifted my perspective and I took the job! 

Let me first share with you this: In my first three months, we grew very quickly and it became evident we needed to hire a second doctor. We went from averaging 8-10 new patients a month before I started to averaging 40-50 new patients a month.  Three months later, we hired another doctor as we continued to grow! We initiated an entire remodel of the office to keep up with the growth and quickly went from 5 staff to 13 in 1 year! HOW??? Because I had passion! I built relationships, I connected with people, I created experiences, I overcame objections and I activated a referral system that works!! This office is STILL doing well and continues to thrive in their community. If they can do this, so can you. 

I realized that when you are passionate about something, it’s a natural part of you.  You don’t have to sell it; all you have to do is share it. The rest happens naturally, and THAT is exactly what I did. I shared my story, and where I came from, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. 

The journey wasn’t always easy and I certainly had to humble myself to recruit the help of others when needed. I’m incredibly grateful for the people in my network that know more than I do about things I never knew I needed to know about! Learn from others, gain insight, and grow on your journey.
Things continued to grow, and I continued to learn. I realized that there is a deep part of my spirit that wants to teach others how to do something amazing too. So, here I am. I get to spend every day doing what makes me spirit happy and fulfills my heart and desire to serve. My passion is to be a guide for others.  To help as many people as I can, help as many people as they can. My promise to you, is that I will work my hardest to serve you and your team, so you can serve those that need you to help them live a longer and healthier life as well!